About OST

I’m Scott Kantner, the founder of OnStage Technologies (OST). I design and build the apps and training materials you’ll find here, all of which are intended to help musicians perform better. I am also a keyboard player, and any of the non-OST products you find, such as the AirTurn page turner, are things I personally use when I play.

The purpose of OST is create products that help musicians become better and enjoy playing more. Whether I’m building apps, or creating training content, my ultimate goal is help you succeed in your musical pursuits.

In short, it’s all about helping you with your music.

The blog on this site focuses on using the OST apps and related technology while performing, as well as playing keyboards. You can aslo follow me on my personal blog or on Twitter. And, if you have just one more moment, please check out the Outreach page.

The Longer Version

OST came into being simply because I wanted an iPhone. When I learned it was going to cost $90/month minimum, I sort of choked a bit. Clearly I was going to need approval from the kitchen table “board of directors”, and a business case was going to be needed.

Despite being a dyed-in-the-wool programmer, I wasn’t really interested in writing apps for the iPhone. I just thought the phone was really cool, but at some point the light went on. “Umm…you’re a programmer and a amateur musician. Apple has a nice deal going in the App Store.  Maybe you could write a music-related app that would generate enough sales to cover the iPhone bill.” And with that, OST was born. It is amazing how your mind puts things into motion once you’ve decided you really want something.

The app that funded my first phone is a pocket music dictionary called MusicTools, and it has faithfully covered my monthly iPhone bill  since it launched in Dec 2009. (Thank you, all of you 2,000+ customers!)

Once I became immersed in the iPhone SDK, I realized the tremendous potential of the iOS platform. Ideas for applications that I had shelved years ago, when the term “mobile technology” just meant laptops, suddenly came flashing back into mind. I dug out my old idea notebooks (my wife calls them “genius books”) looking for one particularly special idea that I had thought about more than the rest.

I play piano and keyboards, and I’m not one of those talented folks who can play without music. Paper music, be it in sheet or book form, has always been my nemesis during performance. It falls on the floor, it doesn’t stay open, the pages sometimes turn themselves – the list of woes goes on and on. Not to mention that there really never is good time to take one of your hands off the keyboard to turn a page. And, you’re never really sure if you’re going to get the right page.  Oh, and let’s not forget those wonderful D.S., D.C., and Coda markings where you have to turn back multiple pages with the precision of a neurosurgeon doing a spinal.

Can you see where this is going? My elusive idea was some sort of electronic alternative to sheet music. Laptop solutions for electronic music began to appear not too long after I had originally scribbled down my thoughts, but I had never pursued it myself because putting a laptop on top of the piano just seemed a bit, well…weird.  Also, I wasn’t ready to trust any operating system – Windows or Mac – not to crash during performance.

With iOS and the iPad I finally saw a practical opportunity to make my idea real, and the result was NextPage. NextPage is not flashy or glitzy – it is not intended to be. It’s purpose is to simply and reliably present music during performance and take the paper worries out of the performer’s mind. Also, I had always dreamed of being able to turn pages wirelessly. NextPage is able to do that as well.

If you need support with NextPage or any other OST app, please contact me via email.  I will do my best to get back to you by the next business day.

The blog on this site focuses on using the OST apps and related technology while performing, as well as playing keyboards. You can aslo follow me on my personal blog or on Twitter.    And, if you have just one more moment, please check out the Outreach page.

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