Scott’s Bio

Meet Scott

Scott Kantner builds solutions with iOS technology and helps people transform their ideas into real applications on iPhone and iPad. Scott cut his teeth on the TRS-80 Model I and has spent over twenty-five years in the IT industry, currently serving as CTO of a high tech firm offering hosted infrastructure solutions.

Writing software has always been his passion, and while developing iOS apps for his own musical needs, Scott saw the tremendous potential of iOS for turning all sorts of great ideas into incredible solutions. Scott builds apps, writes about iOS technology, and helps people transform their own ideas into great apps for iPhone and iPad. (Being a keyboard player, he also can’t help occasionally¬†talking about music technology.)

OK, that sounded a lot like a radio advertisement or interview introduction, didn’t it? Let’s try another approach:

“So what can you do with it?”

My story, and that of OnStage Technologies, is basically summed up in that one question, and I’ve spent a career lifetime answering it. It is by far the number one question people have on their minds when they see new technology. And it’s the right question to ask, because if you can’t understand and apply technology in a meaningful way, it has no value. The same is true of ideas. Ideas help no one until they are turned into something real. But when you combine great ideas with the right technology, you create meaningful solutions that have tremendous value.

That’s where I come in.

Even though OnStage was born out of applying technology to my own musical ideas, it’s really a product of over 30 years of creating a wide variety of solutions for clients ranging from small business to Fortune 500 companies in software, servers, storage and networking. From that varied experience I can tell you that regardless of the technology, there are three essential steps to building a great solution: Understand, Relate, and Apply. If you understand a technology and are able to relate it to someone’s need, then, and only then can you apply it successfully.

And here’s where you come in.

OnStage Technologies focuses on applying Apple’s iOS technology to both my own ideas AND yours to create incredible, yet practical solutions that truly meet a need or solve a problem for others. If you’ve got a great idea for an iPhone or iPad app but don’t know how to make it real, I can help you take it from idea all the way to the App Store or anywhere in between. Need some design help? Wondering how the App Store works?¬† Looking for someone to build your app?

Let’s work together

I work with only a limited number of people, but if you’re really ready to turn your app ideas into reality, I’d love to talk with you to see if I can help. Just fill out this short form and we can schedule a time to talk.