Create Set Lists with NextPage

Turn Pages Effortlessly

The BT-105 connects to your iPad wirelessly using Bluetooth technology and provides two pedals for you to page through your scores with a tap of your foot. As soon as NextPage detects the BT-105, it automatically begins to “listen” for your page turn commands. And since it’s wireless, you can position the pedals in whatever position you find most comfortable.

Multiple Pedal Options

The BT-105 comes in 2 and 4 pedal versions and supports multiple pedal types. If you sit to play, the standard ATSF-2 pedals are the way to go. If you stand to play, you may prefer the BOSS FS-5U instead. And if you play both ways, you can get a pair of each and interchange them as needed. See the AirTurn Store for more details.

Easily Mark Your Music with NextPage

Create Set Lists with NextPage

Maximize Your Performance

NextPage and the AirTurn BT-105 are the perfect combination to finally tame paper music and free you to perform at your best. No paper worries. No page turning tension. Just play. You will be delighted!

“the inevitable future of performance.” —Washington Post