Anxious Anticipation

I have been tinkering with, programming and applying PC technology since my Dad bought me a TRS-80 model I way back in 1978. I was spellbound by that 4K RAM Z80 machine for a long time and ended up writing apps, payroll and inventory mostly, that helped a few forward-looking local folks run their businesses more efficiently.  In the three decades that have passed since then, I’ve had various tech-related jobs ranging from systems programmer in a mainframe shop to CTO of a managed hosting company. I’ve watched a lot of technology come and go in all that time, and not much has gotten me as excited as I was back in 1978, that is until now.

It’s All About The Content

To say Apple’s iPad represents a major paradigm shift in the way we will use technology in our daily lives is perhaps the understatement of the year. The industry pundits are spinning positively and negatively about what will be necessary for the iPad to be a success. They have missed the point. It is not about whether the iPad will be a better book reader than the Kindle, nor is it about whether it will replace netbooks. It is not about how many newspapers and publishers will provide publish for iBooks.  It is not a numbers game of how many units are sold per month. It is all about the way it will enable us to interact with the content we care about. If the device simply works as advertised, it cannot help but to fundamentally change the nature of the way we interact with the information that is important to us.

Where is that UPS Truck?

On my other monitor I’ve been staring at tracking number throughout the day, impatiently waiting for the status update that says “Out for Delivery.”  Presumably my iPad is somewhere between Guangzho, China and my house since it departed China today at 4:10 AM local time (4:10 PM yesterday EST).

As Bugs Bunny would say, “It’s the suspense that gets me”  (For a seasonal Bugs refresher take a quick look here)

Stay Tuned For A Game Changer

The iPad is a Big Deal. Whether or not you personally choose to buy one, keep your eye on this technology. It will change the way we think about and use information. To stay current, I invite you to stop back here for more information as I update you on my own personal iPad journey.


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  • Gina


  • Scott Kantner


    The box didn’t arrive until late Saturday afternoon, and then I had to get ready for Easter Sunday. I did get to spend a few hours with it last night, however, and it is AWESOME. It is the paradigm changing platform I thought it would be. I’ll have more to say in the blog later this week.


  • Gina

    I’ll look forward to your blog. Have fun!

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