Bug Report: NextPage Region Format Issue

Occasionally Spanish users of NextPage have been reporting that NextPage won’t save their set lists.  Until just recently I have been unable to recreate the problem.  Thanks to the diligence of one of our Spanish users who sent a series of screenshots describing the problem, I was able to reproduce it and discovered that changing the iPad’s Region Format to Spanish was responsible for the problem.  

NextPage uses the current date and time to create a new set name.  The date and time format for the Spanish locale results in an invalid name being created, and NextPage consequently cannot save the set.  This has been assigned case #141, and we will have a fix out Real Soon Now.

Spanish NextPage users:  Gracias por su paciencia!

UPDATE:  This bug has been fixed, and the new version (1.3.6) is currently awaiting review in the App Store.

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