Five More Reasons You Need an iPad

Of all the iPad nay-sayers I’ve either read or talked to, they all have one thing in common – they don’t own one. Here are five more reasons, in no particular order, that you can give to your “financial department” to prove you need one.

1. Self Improvement – Reading books is so much more convenient because you don’t have to carry an extra item around (you’re already carrying your iPad for other reasons, right?), and you don’t need to worry about a highlighter exploding and causing a wardrobe crisis. Also, no more lost bookmarkers! Yes, you have to buy the online versions of the books, but you and those you serve are worth it. If you don’t like iBooks or feel they’re aren’t yet enough books in the Apple book store, get the free Kindle app for iPad.

2. Less to Carry - If you mostly consume content while on the go, the iPad is a lot easier to haul around than a laptop. Actually the word “haul” is a bit unfair, because the iPad is easily¬†carried¬†in your hand, in the smallest of briefcases, and (going out on a limb here) in modest size ladies’ handbags/purses/satchels. We will undoubtedly see an explosion of designer cases and bling for the iPad, but it will probably fit nicely in what you already own. Heavy duty content creation, such as writing reports or working with spreadsheets, is still best done with your laptop or desktop. To that point, I created this paragraph on my iPad, but I don’t think I’m going to use it to finish the whole post unless I end up writing it all on the go.

3. The Weather Channel – The graphics are unbelievable, with a map to suit every type of weather junkie. Don’t be alarmed by the apparent low temperatures in the local forecast screen. The values are displayed in Celsius by default. Look for the little “gear” icon on the right edge of the tool bar to change to Farenheit.

4. iPhoto – You will immediately be amazed (and spoiled) with how easily you can manipulate and view your photos. iPhoto will organize your photos into Albums and Events, somewhat like folders, and allow you to peek inside them by using a “pinch out” gesture. Using this allows you to quickly find the photo(s) you’re interested in without paging through your whole stash. And, photos are automatically available as a slide-show screen saver when you lock the screen. Imagine the possibilities.

5. Musical Practice Buddy – If you’re having trouble learning a popular song, take your iPad to your music stand and bring up the YouTube app. Find a video of the song you’re working on, pop an ear bud in one ear, hit play, and play along. You can stop/start as necessary, work on just a particular section, and get the feel for playing the song with a full band.

So there you have five more reasons you can use to convince whoever you need as to why you need (NEED) an iPad. I’m available at very reasonable rates for grief counseling if they don’t work.


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