Gearing Up

I enjoy participating in the weekly Sunday Set List posts over at The Worship Community.  In recognition of the 200th Sunday Set List post,  the regular contributors have been asked to do a little photo essay on their prep and rehearsal for their service on May 13th.  As I put my own photos together, I realized there are more moving parts in my current rig than I thought. It may be time to get a road crew…

IMG 3688

But as I looked over the photos (as you can see, I am NOT a photographer), the thing that really struck me was what wasn’t there any longer:  a series of Rube-Goldberg devices to hold my sheet music.  Managing an ever-growing pile of music every Sunday was starting to suck the joy out playing and was preventing me from staying focused on worship.  I am very grateful that God gave me the ability to be able fix that, and I’ve been happily sharing my solution ever since with as many other musicians as I can get to listen.

IMG 3702

If you’re a musician struggling with paper music, you owe it to yourself to get an iPad and a score app.  Of course I would love to see you use mine, but there are several great ones to choose from, and you want an app that fits you. What’s most important to me is that you get something, because once you eliminate the hassles of the paper, you can get back to enjoying your playing, and truly focus down on worship again.

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