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Create Set Lists with NextPage

Create Set Lists

Once your music is in NextPage, you can arrange groups of songs into set lists for rehearsal and performance. As you reach the end of one song, NextPage presents you with the first page of the next, eliminating all of the headaches of changing music during live performance.

Easily Mark Your Music

NextPage provides a number of tools for you to mark your music with important performance details. A full-featured text tool, a collection of over 50 musical symbols, and multiple freehand drawing tools are all at your disposal.

Easily Mark Your Music with NextPage

Focus on Performing with NextPage

Focus On Performing

When performance time comes, NextPage frees you to focus on the music and nothing else. All of the controls fade away, allowing you to concentrate on just the notes and executing well. Page turns are an effortless finger tap or swipe away, and with an AirTurn wireless page turner, only a foot tap away.

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