Handy Reference Charts

MusicTools includes charts for common abbreviations, symbols, accelerations, retardations, and tempo markings.  The abbreviations chart is even cross-linked to the dictionary so you can quickly find the in-depth meaning of those obscure symbols that crop up in your scores.

Customizable Font Sizes and Styles

We realize that every musician’s eyesight varies with age, so we’ve designed MusicTools to ease eyestrain by allowing you to adjust the size and type of font to suit your needs.

Españoles Edición

For our musical friends in search of a good Spanish-language musical dictionary, we offer MusicTools ES. We’ve taken the same dictionary and reference charts contained in MusicTools and had them meticulously translated into Spanish by a native-Spanish speaking professional music teacher. Get the Españoles Edición version here. ¡Es muy bueno!

“… I love it and I’d recommend it to musicians of all ages.”

- merbthenerd

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