NextPage 1.3.4 Released Today

NextPage version 1.3.4 went live in the App Store this morning. This release includes a number of additional feature and changes requested by the user community, along with a handful of bug fixes. Thanks to all of you who are helping make NextPage better and better! Here are the highlights:

  • The behavior of the Eraser Tool has been changed such that after selecting it, the eraser will stay active only as long as the finger used to begin erasing continues to touch the screen. As soon as the finger is lifted, the Pencil Tool will become active again.
  • The behavior of the Text Tool has been changed such it will create only one text annotation per press. After the annotation is created, the Pencil Tool will become active again.
  • The Clear button on the Markup toolbar now asks for confirmation before clearing all markup from the current page.
  • Song List search no longer dismisses the keyboard when the search field becomes empty.
  • Improved visual activity indicators when returning from background and loading sets.
  • The Song List can now be searched for words anywhere within the song title.
  • The Markup Toolbar can be set to automatically turn it self off after being idle for a user-specificed number of seconds. This can be helpful during a busy rehearsal when you quickly need to return to playing without getting caught in Markup mode.

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