NextPage 1.3.5 Released Today

I’m happy to report that version 1.3.5 of NextPage just went live on the App Store.  This is a minor release that primarily addresses iOS 5 compatibility issues as well as a few issues reported by customers.

NextPage is now almost a year old, and many of you have been kind to share how much you’re enjoying it and how it’s been making a difference in helping you perform.  The new release contains a “Review in iTunes” button that can be found on the “About NextPage” screen in the Settings menu.  If you’re finding NextPage useful, we’d really appreciate you taking a minute or two to add a review in iTunes.

NextPage was created to free fellow musicians from the burden of paper music, and our biggest challenge is simply to get the word out!  If you have any musician friends who are getting an iPad this Christmas, make sure they know there’s a way for them to never miss a page turn again!


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