NextPage 1.9.1 New Features

NextPage 1.9.1 went live in the App Store today! Most of the new features and enhancements in this release have been requested by you, our faithful customers! We hope you enjoy the changes, and please keep the great suggestions coming! Thanks also for your patience – this release required a tremendous amount of “blood, sweat, and tears” to bring your requests to reality in ways that will be truly helpful yet remain simple to use. We’re very grateful for your input, and we’re enjoying the opportunity to continually serve you better.

New in 1.9.1 – Performance Metronome

You’ve asked for a metronome, so here it is! A full-feature, precision metronome is now available from the main toolbar. The metronome has two modes of operation. The first mode gives you full access to all of the controls and settings. Be sure to tap on the time signature and tempo indicators to reveal different ways to set the tempo and rhythm patterns.

Full Controls View

The second mode is “performance” mode. To put the metronome in this mode, start it running and then tap outside of it anywhere on the music. This will transform the metronome to a small circle showing the tempo, time duration (you can have the metronome turn itself off after a number of seconds), and a visual indication of the beat. You can move the performance metronome anywhere on the page using your finger and NextPage will remember its position. The metronome will then automatically move to your preferred position in each song as you move from song to song in a set. So for live performance, if you set the metronome for a “visual-only” indication of the beat and say, a 20 second duration, all of this can work together to have the metronome briefly appear to remind you of the starting tempo of each song and then disappear until you reach the next song.

IMG 0371

The metronome is packed with features, and we’ll be creating short tutorial videos that cover the basics, as well as how any when you might want to use the performance mode. Keep checking the OST web site.

An AirTurn BT-105 4-pedal board can be used to toggle the metronome on/off, using the right-most pedal (pedal #4).

Symbol Tool

You also asked us more ways to annotate your scores, so we’ve added a Symbol Tool to the Tool Basket containing over 50 musical symbols including accidentals, articulations, dynamics, performance indicators, and more. After selecting a symbol and setting its size, you simply tap on the music and drag the symbol to where you need it.

Paging Control Improvements for Large Scores

The paging control on the bottom toolbar now becomes a slider for songs with 15 pages or more. This makes navigating a song  with hundreds of pages much easier. The slider can also be set to be used for all songs regardless of length.  See the new “Always Use Page Slider” option in the Settings menu.

IMG 0373

External Display Support

We’ve had a number of requests for the ability to mirror your iPad to an external display without all of the iPad’s interface showing – in other words, just the music score itself – so we’ve added External Display support (iOS 6 required).  By turning on the new “Use External Display” option in the Settings menu, NextPage will mirror pages to an external display attached via video adapter cable. By enabling the “Rotate External Display” option, the page will be rotated 90 degrees and resized to use as much of the screen as possible. This can be very useful when using a widescreen display rotated to portrait position.

Other Improvements and Fixes

Here are the other improvements and changes you will receive in 1.9.1.

  • Improved performance when loading set lists in the Music Desk.
  • Improved performance when reordering and deleting songs from set lists.
  • Set list cover images sharpened in the Music Desk.
  • Keyboard now remains on screen when an invalid set name is entered.
  • Fixed various issues resulting from switching away from NextPage to another app while markup tools are in use.
  • Minor tweaks to button sizes and spacings to make them easier for larger fingers to use.
  • Fixed Page Link resizing issues introduced by iOS 6.

Wrap Up

We hope you enjoy all the new changes, and please keep your suggestions coming!  OST and NextPage exist to help you perform better. Period. Rest assured that we will continue to strive to keep NextPage simple, straightforward, and easy to use.  It’s not about how many features the app has, but rather about how well it helps you perform. And if we’re accomplishing that, we’d be thrilled if you would take a moment to let us know.

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