MusicTools ES Spanish Music Dictionary for iPhone

We’ve all been there. Maybe it was at rehearsal, or with your music teacher or coach. A musical term, abbreviation, or some odd-ball notation comes up that you’ve never seen before and have absolutely no clue about, but you’re suddenly under pressure to know exactlywhat it means. You seem to remember having a music dictionary somewhere, but it’s certainly not with you now. Wouldn’t it be nice to reach pull out your iPhone or iPod Touch and have a full music dictionary at your finger tips? The MusicTools Dictionary is simply the best musical reference tool available for your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. The MusicTools Dictionary is designed by musicians¬†for musicians.¬†Basic Features Include:

  • A comprehensive dictionary with thousands of terms and abbreviations based on Elson’s classic Pocket Music Dictionary
  • Carefully translated into Spanish by a professional translator with musical training.
  • A set of useful reference charts including:
    • Musical Symbols
    • Common Abbreviations
    • Tempo Markings
    • Accelerations
    • Retardations
  • Customizable fonts to suit eyes of all ages

You will be delighted!



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Customer Reviews

The Best Music Dictionary

— R-Ward


Perfect for professional orchestral musicians like myself who have very little time to learn tons of music in a very short time! Great work!

— Daniel Brown

Good App.

— LeChard

This application answered some questions I hand about writing and reading music. I found the terms to be helpful, especially those relating to tempo. I’d recommend this application and found it to be well worth the money.

5 stars

There are very few music dictionaries for the iPhone/iPod touch, but now there doesn’t need to be anymore. MusicTools is completely remarkable and has the most comprehensive list of musical terminology that I have ever come across: as far as I’m concerned there is nothing can match its quality. I have not had any problems with the app thus far and am really happy with how the whole thing works. I especially appreciate the reference chart for the musical symbols; the details are phenomenal and the chart is quite easy to use. I would recommend this app to any and all musicians, and I can’t wait to see what the future updates will bring to the table. Excellent work!

— ¬†Rascal92

5 stars

It’s perfect so far. I learned from this that the British name for a 128th note is a Quasihemidemisemiquaver.

— Jakethepianist