NextPage for iPad

Tired of missed page turns, pages turning by themselves, or music falling on the floor? NextPage has been designed just for you!

NextPage will help you perform better by taking away the hassles of dealing with paper sheet music. Once you’ve loaded your music into NextPage, turning pages is as effortless as swiping or tapping your iPad screen. Need to jump 3 pages ahead or 4 pages back? With NextPage’s Page Link feature you can do just that with just one tap. And now you can turn pages wirelessly! The days of worrying about missing a page turn are over!


  • Works with any music in PDF format
  • A clean, simple interface designed with the musical performer in mind.
  • Swipe or tap to turn pages.
  • Add music files to NextPage using the iTunes File Sharing feature.
  • Open music received as PDF email attachments directly in NextPage.
  • Organize lists of songs for a performance into “sets.” NextPage presents the songs in whatever order you wish.
  • Reorder a song’s pages so that only paging forward is necessary.
  • Jump to any page in a song with just one tap using Page Links.
  • Jump between songs with just one or two taps.
  • Add markings and annotations to your music using the Markup Tools.
  • Enjoy managing your sets from the “Music Desk.”
  • Set the tool bars to automatically fade so you can concentrate fully on the music no tools or buttons to distract you!

Please see the FAQ on the support page for more details!