Out of concern for Semira’s safety, we unfortunately cannot show you her photo, but we can tell you a bit about her.

Semira lives with her grandmother and 1 sister. Her grandmother is a daily wage earner and struggles to provide for the family. Despite her efforts, it is difficult to meet the family’s needs.

Semira is growing up in a poor area in Ethiopia. The HIV and AIDS crisis has severely damaged the social fabric of the entire community, leaving many children without parents. Many families live in mud huts with thatched roofs. A typical diet consists of root vegetables, such as sweet potatoes, and cereal grains. Agriculture is the primary income-generating activity; many families raise livestock or produce honey.

Semira is in primary school and she enjoys studying the national language. She helps at home by doing the family chores. She likes to play soccer. She is in satisfactory health.

OST’s sponsorship commitment helps provide Semira and her community with improved healthcare and support, emphasizing assistance to those affected by HIV and AIDS. With OST’s support, Semira will also attend school.

When you purchase MusicTools or any other OST app, you too, are making a difference for Semira.