Sunday Set List 01/15/12

If you’re new to these “Sunday Set List” posts, a bit of explanation might be helpful. Over at The Worship Community, folks have been posting the sets from their worship services for  last 180+ Sundays. Per Russ Hutto at TWC,

The purpose of “Sunday Setlists” is to share a recap of your worship services. What songs did you use, what arrangements? What worked really well and what didn’t work as well as you’d like? What issues did you have preparing? What is the sermon series? How about creative elements used in the service? You don’t have to be the pastor or worship leader to participate. We would really love to get reviews from the perspective of those in our congregations each week.

I encourage you to check it out. It’s very interesting to see what’s being using in worship in other churches from week to week, and it’s reassuring to read how things don’t always go as planned for other folks 100% of the time! Below is this past Sunday’s set list from Fleetwood Bible Church where I play each week. “I Call You” was done as the offertory. Each week I also share my keyboard patch settings below the set list for any budding keyboardists in need of some ideas. The app displaying the set list is, of course, none other than NextPage!

Today’s patch selections.  Non-B3 settings are from MainStage audio units except where noted.

  • We’re Here to Worship: Classic EP (Rhodes) on Kawaii CP-175
  • Lord Reign in Me: B3 888000000 with chorus
  • Humble Thyself: Classic EP (Rhodes) on Kawaii CP-175
  • All I Have is Christ: Soft Pad 1 + Big Pad MW
  • Surrender: Tremelo EP on Kawaii CP-175
  • I Call You: Acoustic Grand Piano (A real one!)

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