Sunday Set List 03/03/13

Our communion set at FBC on March 3rd.  Patch settings below.  I spent a ton of time looking (agonizing, actually) for a patch combo for When The Stars Burn Down.  For any keyboardist out there who’s had to dupe those sounds, I’d love to hear how you approached it.

IMG 0324 copy

My rig consists of a Nord Stage 2 and a Macbook Pro (2008 edition) running MainStage and Spectrasonics Omnisphere as an audio unit plug-in.  The B3 and EP patches below are from the Nord.  The synth patches are either from Omnisphere or an audio unit supplied with MainStage (MS).

  • For The Lord Our God Reigns: Nord Stage 2 EP 1 model 1
  • Overcome:  Basic Dark Pad Wheel + Ambient Humwhistle Pad (Both from Omnisphere)
  • You Gave Your Life Away:  B3 888000002
  • O The Blood: Basic Dark Wheel Pad (Omnisphere)
  • When The Stars Burn Down: Basic Dark Pad Wheel + Hybrid Warm Strings, VS Warm Bellkeyz on Chorus (All Omnisphere)

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