Sunday Set List 03/18/2012

March 18th at FBC.   We’re several weeks into a new format with 4 leaders up front.  We’ve also been having more intense rehearsals, and it’s already beginning to pay dividends.  The group was much tighter on all the songs this week.  Keyboard patches below.

All patches are from MainStage unless noted otherwise

Stand and Shout: B3 888000001
We Rejoice in the Grace of God:
 Classic EP (Rhodes) on Kawai CP175
Above All: Soft Pads (Big Pad MW + SoftPad 1) from EXS24
Stay Amazed: 
Another Pad+SuperStrings Dark from EXS24, Resonant Clouds from ES2, Slow Glow from Hybrid
You Gave Your Life Away:
B3 888000000

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