Sunday Set List 09/18/11

I am now officially 3 for 3 on doing the intro to You Are God Alone in the wrong key <sigh>.  As you can see below, my music is written in A, but our group plays it in A flat.  Have you ever heard Sam Kinison scream?  I was able to veer into the right key before we hit the chorus and the rest of the band came in, but regardless, I have added a new notation to my music for next time….

Today’s patch selections.  Non-B3 settings are from MainStage except where noted.

Days of Elijah: B3 888000002; 888888888 on last chorus
God is Great: B3 888000001
As Long As You Are Glorified: 
B3 888000000
Revelation Song:  
Purity, Format Choir, Thunder from EXS24, DarkPad 02 from ES2
You Are God Alone: 
Air Pad+Sine Pad from Kawai CP175

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