Sunday Set List 09/25/11

So today was “Brownie Sunday.”  Last week I mentioned that I had unfortunately improved my record to 3 for 3 on starting You Are God Alone in the wrong key.  We have a “Praise Team Code” (well, it’s really more like guidelines) that suggests any member stressing out the rest of the band with a musical faux pas should bring brownies as a peace offering to the next rehearsal.  I thought it wise to observe the code today.

Here’s today’s set list.  We also did Let the Worshipers Arise, which for some reason I forgot to download, so  I used (shudder) paper for that one.  Also, we did not do Rock of Ages twice.  I simply had the full score version at the end in case I needed to fill in at piano.   As always, patch settings are included below.

Today’s patch selections.  Non-B3 settings are from MainStage except where noted.

Sing For Joy: Classic EP (Rhodes) on Kawai CP175
Rock of Ages:
 B3 888000004
Let The Worshipers Arise: B3 888000000
Classic EP (Rhodes) on Kawai CP175
Great I Am:
Another Pad+SuperStrings Dark from EXS24, Resonant Clouds from ES2, Slow Glow from Hybrid

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  • Tim

    Any brownies left? :-)

  • Scott Kantner

    Actually…YES.  We do carry-out.