Sunday Set List 10/02/2011

Today our pastor spoke on Elijah and the widow of Zarephath in 1 Kings 17.  Notice the tie in with the set starting with Enough.

Intro Prepare Ye the Way” (Michael W. Smith) was not part of the set. I played a small section of the chorus as an intro to the Call To Worship in lieu of Westminster chimes. As you can see below, NextPage is PDF-based, and whenever I have penciled in notes from the past, I don’t necessarily ditch them – I just circle them to save time.  See below for patch settings.

Today’s patch selections.  Non-B3 settings are from MainStage except where noted.

Prepare The Way: Acoustic Grand (a real one)

Rise Up and Praise Him: B3 888000004

Enough: B3 888000000

I Will Sing: Legend EP on Kawaii CP-175

Hunger and Thirst: Soft Pads (Big Pad MW + SoftPad 1) from EXS24

All I Have Is Christ: Purity, Dark Pad 02 from ES2, Smooth String from EXS24


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