Sunday Set List 10/23/11

After missing a week because of a business trip, it was really good to be back playing with the group again.  Your Great Name really resonated with the congregation.  I wasn’t quite sure what to do with Christ Has Conquered All.  Most of the YouTube and iTunes renditions have little noticeable keyboards.  I went with electric piano and just filled in the holes as I sensed them.

Today’s patch selections.  Non-B3 settings are from MainStage audio units except where noted.

  • Counting on God: Basic Pad and Synth Strings from EXS24
  • You, You Are God: Smooth Strings, Another Pad and Sweep from EXS24
  • Jesus Lover of My Soul: Big Pad MW and Soft Pad 1 from EXS24
  • Your Great Name: Big Pad MW+Soft Pad 1 on verse, add Smooth Strings on chorus, all from EXS24
  • Christ Has Conquered All: Legend EP on Kawaii CP-175

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