Sunday Set List 11/20/11

Our set today included a couple of songs where the full score versions contained quite a few pages. If you’re using a wireless page turner such as the AirTurn BT-105 supported by NextPage, it’s important to remember there is a momentary lag between the time you hit the pedal and when the page actually turns. You need to hit the pedal just slightly before you need the next page fully in view. But how long is “just slightly before?”  The quick answer is “it depends.” It depends on the tempo of the song, whether you have an iPad 1 or 2, the foot pedal you have, and which score app you’re using. So the answer really is “Practice, and you’ll know for sure!”  I can’t overemphasize the fact that though the technology available to us musicians is truly wonderful, practice is still key (no pun intended). Patch settings below.

Today’s patch selections.  Non-B3 settings are from MainStage audio units except where noted.

  • Better Than Life: B3 888000024, Chorus C3, Leslie Fast.
  • Hallelujah (Your Love is Amazing): B3 888000001
  • Mighty To Save: B3 888000000
  • Made Me Glad: Smooth Strings, BigPad MW, Another Pad from EXS24
  • Jesus You’re All I Need: B3 888000000

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