Sunday Set List 11/25/12

Just a few more sets until we switch over to traditional hymns for the Advent season. Patch settings below. Lots of B3 this week. Mystery (Gateway Worship) was not part of the set –  I just happened to be practicing the accompaniment for an upcoming offertory!

  IMG 0272

This weeks’s patch selections. Non-B3 settings are from MainStage audio units except where noted.

  • Here To Eternity: B3 888000003
  • Lord Reign In Me: B3 888000000
  • Mighty To Save:  B3 888000000
  • May The Words of My Mouth:  B3 88000001
  • The Power of Your Name: Big Pad MW and Soft Pad 1 from EXS24 for intro (just a G6 chord while the guitarist does his thing), then Rhodes EP.

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