Sunday Set List 1/27/13

This week we broke in a brand new sound system, complete with Aviom personal mixers (picture below) and in-ear monitors.   What a difference it makes to actually hear the rest of your team!

IMG 0294

This weeks’s patch selections.  Learning Omnisphere has been slow, but steady.  The wheel patches are very interesting if your keyboard can send MIDI modulation data. It’s very easy to go from a warm sound on the verse to a more wide open fat texture for the chorus.

  • We’re Here to Worship: Nord Stage 2 EP 1 model 4
  • Salt and Light:  B3 888030034
  • Hope of the Nations:  Basic Dark Pad Wheel + Hybrid Warm String Section from Omnisphere
  • We Fall Down:  Nord Stage 2 EP 1 model 4
  • God of This City: Pad for intro: Gleaming Glass + Arctic Glass from Omnisphere, then Nord EP 1 model 4 for balance of song

The totally cool Aviom:

IMG 0465

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