Sunday Set List 5/26/13 – NextPage 1.9.2

This week’s set was run on  NextPage version 1.9.2, which has a couple of important fixes.   If  you don’t have this version, you may want to grab the update now.

Below is the set at FBC for this week.  Patch settings below.

Also, if you haven’t seen Star Trek Into Darkness yet, don’t wait any longer.  Two thumbs UP!

Sunday Set List 5/26/13 - NextPage

My rig consists of a Nord Stage 2 and a Macbook Pro (2008 edition) running MainStage and Spectrasonics Omnisphere as an audio unit plug-in.  I use an iPad 3 running NextPage and an iKlip 2 The B3 and EP patches below are from the Nord.  The synth patches are either from Omnisphere or an audio unit supplied with MainStage (MS).

  • All Because of Jesus: Basic Pad and Synth Strings from EXS24
  • Hope of The Nations: Basic Dark Pad Wheel + Hybrid Warm String Section from Omnisphere
  • O God of Mine: Nord EP 1, model 2.
  • Your Great Name: Slow Glow + Resonant Clouds + Dark Pad 2 from ES2 (MS)
  • God of This City: Pad for intro: Gleaming Glass + Arctic Glass from Omnisphere, then Nord EP 1 model 2 for balance of song

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