Sunday Set List 7/14/2013 – NextPage 1.9.2

Below is our set at FBC for last Sunday shown in the NextPage music desk.  This week featured a near-catastrophic hardware failure on my 2008 vintage 17″ MacBook Pro, affectionately known as “the aircraft carrier”, during the service.  Time for an upgrade…

Patch settings below.

Sunday Set List 7/14/13 in NextPage

The B3 and EP patches below are from the Nord.  The synth patches are either from Omnisphere or an audio unit supplied with MainStage (MS).

  • God is With Us Now: Basic Pad and Synth Strings, Smooth String, Dark Pad 02 from EXS24
  • Our God:  Another Pad, Vocal Super Pad from ESX 24, add Strings PWM on chorus
  • In Christ Alone-Solid Rock: Warm Blue Carpet from ESX24
  • Revelation Song: Purity, Format  Choir, Thunder from ESX24, DarkPad 02 from ES2  (MainStage)
  • Cornerstone: Nord EP1, model 2, with Basic Dark Velo Wheel pad underneath
My Rig

My rig consists of a Nord Stage 2 and a 13″ Macbook Pro (early 2013 refurb) running MainStage 2.2 (without Logic) and Spectrasonics Omnisphere as an audio unit plug-in.  The Nord talks to the MainStage over USB2. For audio output, I don’t use an external audio interface – I run the Mac audio output directly into a Behringer 16-channel sub mixer using a 1/8″ stereo to 1/4″ cable.  And lest I forget, I use an iPad 3 running NextPage and an iKlip 2.

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